2011 Election Results, Deals, Predictions

New Zealand went to the polls and it turns out they want a banker with a history of broken promises with unpopular policies as their leader! While people around the world are protesting bankers, we elect a banker as our leader. Congratulations New Zealand, you're idiots! Now watch the country go further down the toilet with rubbish policies that won't help the country, they will do the opposite. You truly only have yourselves to blame for our upcoming decline.

This time about a third of the electoral roll didn't vote. This is appalling. While I don't believe that it should be compulsory to vote; I believe that everyone should. Well maybe not the highly ignorant. Otherwise we'll end up with National running the company. Oh did I say that? YES! So the question is: Why didn't people vote? One reason could be people thought that National were going to get in so didn't bother. Another is that some people may not care about politics. People should care. Politics has massive impacts on health, education, policing and general living standards. Also perhaps people are ignorant of the issues, for this they have to take some of the blame but also people need to blame the media since instead of reporting on the issues, it reports on penguins, psychic octopuses and a royal wedding.

So let's do the numbers: About a third didn't vote and less than half of the people who did voted for National. So National therefore got a third of the total possible vote and will probably have a very slim majority once special votes are counted. This is still a victory for National of course. National can basically do what they want with only 33% of the total possible vote. This is hardly a shining example of democracy.

In its first few days back in office National broke a mining promise. Obviously it was too much to ask that National waited before the government is officially formed to go back on its word. Nice going New Zealand!

National didn't get the majority some were hoping for so they need to make deals. United Future are gloating about signing an agreement to get National limiting asset sales, not a big win as National already said that it was going to limit asset sales. Act has only one MP now, not the original leader who has resigned. The new leader is John Banks who wants to inflict charter schools on us and gut ACC. John Key's response was "Well that's MMP for you". This is absolute nonsense; Act weren't going to side with Labour were they? NO! There are other parties to make deals with. This is down to National, not MMP! There is little reason why National has to give Act anything. Charter schools won't improve the education system, it will do the opposite! Most charter schools are not better than the regular public schools, or they are worse! Just like National Standards; overseas research largely concludes this is a failed concept.

Our growth forecast has been recently slashed which is no surprise at all considering that Treasury has been consistently wrong in the past. The ideas National have for the economy simply will not be very beneficial. I definitely don't predict us to grow at a great rate and I predict we'll have less rights and increasingly ineffective services from the government. Tough times are about to get worse.
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Labour Leadership

This is my input into the Labour leadership contest. Firstly I object that we're calling it a contest like some hideous reality TV show; it's a major political party (well at least it was three years ago) It's still the second largest political party in New Zealand and the main opposition party. Let's not be trivial about this. The successor to Phil Goff may be the Prime Minister in 2014. This should be treated as a serious role, the best person should be chosen. I really don't like the rushed media circus this has turned into. Labour should slow down and take a few months to make its decision to ensure it's the right one. There is no rush, I say keep Phil on and make the decision in June. The new leader would still have plenty of time to build a relationship with the public.

Of course Labour should have had a new leader two years ago when it was apparent that the public didn't like Phil Goff. To his credit he ran a very good campaign but failed to impress me the rest of the time he was the leader of the opposition. I still think it was a mistake to focus so much on opposing asset sales when there was so much he could have brought to the table.

David Parker is out of the race apparently partly due to his private life which I found weird because he said on Q&A that skeletons wouldn't be a problem. Now I have no interest in his personal life. In interviews I have found he laughs frequently, I kind of like that, I find him quite charming. Irrelevant now since he's not going for the leadership.

I think David Shearer would have more personal appeal than Cunliffe. I mean he's a humanitarian, who doesn't like a humanitarian? Also I have read on a blog that he's good under pressure. However his lack of parliamentary experience is a concern but then again John Key was only in parliament for four years before becoming leader of National. One other stand out thing is the way Shearer stutters in interviews, it is very noticeable. Then again he probably can't help it so I don't know if this is a good reason to deny him the leadership. However when you go up against publicly clown Key you kind of need a top performer. Shearer is simply not this. If he is selected he should work on his interview skills.

David Cunliffe is my personal favourite simply because he is much more known to me and I think that he is an excellent performer. He knows his stuff when it comes to finance and the country would need that after National inevitably flushes the economy down the toilet. (How come people didn't know this when they voted them back in???) Cunliffe seems to be the strong type. I simply like the guy. However Shearer has a better look about him that would appeal to the common man. Also Cunliffe has a "call a spade a spade" attitude; this could possibly backfire on Labour if he says the wrong thing. Then again insensitivity doesn't appear to effect John Key's popularity when he made a joke about cannibalism for example.

In conclusion both candidates have their strengths and weaknesses. I personally prefer Cunliffe but Shearer would be OK too. It's essential that the new leader can excite the public, has new ideas and can compete against Key. I hope that the right decision is made.
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Stable Act and a tea party

So John Key thinks that Act has been stable.

A MP left because it was revealed that he stole the identity of a dead child.
The former leader was rolled by a former leader of the National party.
They couldn't agree on cannibas policy.
The new leader (Don Brash) supposed to boost support instead it declined.
Their Epsom candidate (John Banks) couldn't even poll above his former biographer.

This is what our prime minister calls stable? Compared to what? A meth addict?

Who on earth makes Don Brash their leader?

Oh John Banks seems to make racist comments.

This is who the prime minister had tea with. He endorsed the man and wants him back in parliament.

Hilarious that the tea party went so horribly wrong.

OK so a reporter accidentally left it tape recorder on while the two Johns were talking and recorded some secret conversation. Key said that he wasn't bothered in the slightest, then called the police. Very consistent and not at all a complete overreaction!

Oh if you want something even more ridiculous he compared it to the News Of The World phone hacking scandal. How on earth is an accidental recording of a conversation at an event the press has been invited to anything like hacking dead people's phone? How? The recording wasn't even released! This comparison is not only ludicrous! Oh but he's also standing up for a couple with a suicidal teenager, only the couple doesn't actually exist. Again this is completely different; nobody is at a risk of suicide. Unless he meant political suicide?

Should he release the conversation? Yes! It's the Barbra Streisand effect! Me thinks he protests too much! Ironically the calling the police, walking out on the media and canceling interviews is doing the most damage to his reputation, and if the comments were more damaging you have to wonder what they were and why he said them in a public place with media that he invited meters away? Even if the tape was that damaging, he should have just played it cool and had a quiet word to the people involved. His actions makes it looks like he has something to hide. Hopefully this will take a toll on his public image.

This has backfired massively. Polls are still showing that Banksie is toast in Epsom. (not that I believe polls)

As a political satirist; this is gold! John Key is making a complete idiot of himself and I am just loving it!
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Stupid reasons to vote National

"John Key is a nice guy"

If this is your only reason, please don't vote! Voting for somebody just because he smiles and waves a lot is an extremely stupid thing.

"National is good with money"

Based on what? Their last tax switch cost the country over a billion dollars. Furthermore historically the economy has grown more with a Labour government than a National government. National being good with money is a complete myth.

"John Key is good with money"

See answer to previous question. Additionally I really have to question why the people elected a currency trader when traders and bankers crashed the economy. Doesn't this seem weird to anyone else?

"Labour are socialists"

No they aren't. People who say this don't actually know what socialism is. Starting a bank and buying a few FAILED previously privatized companies does not equal socialism.

"Phil Goff was part of the Roger Douglas government"

So was Helen Clark and she turned out OK. National is much closer to the ideology of Roger Douglas than Labour. Labour is against what National is proposing. Why on earth would you vote for a party that is publicly much closer to the ideology of Roger Douglas? Roger Douglas was part of the current National government! Also Don Brash would be possibly part of the next National government, and many people consider him worse than Roger Douglas.

"Labour spend spend spend and give money to beneficiaries"

Firstly National have given well over a billion dollars in bailouts and corporate welfare; I'd rather see my taxes go to people who actually need it. Secondly if National were competent in stimulating jobs there wouldn't be as many beneficiaries to pay for. Thirdly not giving people what they need can result in these people committing crimes or suicide. Fourthly you or somebody you know might need the state's help too one day.

"Labour wants to to pay people more and that will cost jobs"

John Key keeps bringing this point up however he has a document from Treasury saying that it won't cost jobs! The evidence does not support this claim.

"The polls indicate that most people are satisfied with a National government"

If most people jumped off a cliff, would you follow? Frankly most polls are wrong! They don't include people without landlines or swing voters, both favor Labour. Additionally the latest Horizon poll which includes swing voters shows a MUCH smaller gap.
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Debates, Poor Economic Policy, Opening Addresses

I just want to comment on the first two debates I've seen.

Phil did well in the first, I got sick of John's drunken sailor comment the first time he said it, obviously it will meant to provide light humour but it failed to do that for me. The irony is that this government is spending much more on unemployment due to their mismanagement of the economy by not doing enough to stimulate job growth. Then there is the one billion plus dollars they unnecessarily gave to corporations, and the fact they spend our tax dollars on subsidizing farmers for destroying our environment. Accusing Labour of spending irresponsibly is hypocritical. One other thing about this debate; I liked the way Phil didn't speak over John, at the beginning. By the end both were doing it to each other and the whole thing became incredibly childish.

If John Key is good for something (and not much else) it's humour, kind of like the way George W Bush was. I laughed hysterically when I heard him say "We live in a global world". I am unsure of the point of the phrase. Global world? Is that like a round circle or a triangular triangle? The world is global. Wow riveting revelation there Key. What a ridiculously redundant statement!

To the second debate now; I missed the first twenty minutes. I thought that Phil performed strongly on Christchurch issues but undoubtedly was extremely weak when it came to explaining the costings of Labour's economic policy, he eventually did but it was a poor performance. He should have been more prepared and should have made his points much sooner. Round two went to John.

Most people thought that the second debate was in a better format. Commentators appear to annoy people; telling people what to think etc. I thought that Claire Robinson was a bit harsh on Phil; it turns out she worked in Jenny Shipley's office. Her bias towards the right was obvious to some.

Paul Henry giving commentary on a political debate? Are you kidding me TV3??? Firstly he was a National Party candidate, hardly the most fair and balanced person. Secondly for all the intellectual insight he'll bring you may as well have Elmer Fudd commenting! Henry is a clown and raving redneck, not a political commentator.

To policy now: National's only plan for the economy seems to be; building uneconomical roads and paying people less while expecting jobs to magically appear. These roads are mainly built for the rich to go to their batches, I'm unsure how that is meant to solve mainstream traffic problems, and of course it won't. It also won't help when the oil price inevitably goes sky high. As I understand New Zealand is in a terrible position for this. More debate over this is needed. As for paying people less, I'm unsure how paying people less is going to help the economy. When people get paid less they consume less which damages the local economy. The new jobs argument is weak at best as when youth rates were abolished hardly any jokes were effected. This only provides an incentive for employers to hire people on the new low wages over the regular rate. This will simply move unemployment from one group of people to another. This is not a solution but is simply exploitative.

Quick comments on the three major opening addresses. Labour's served as a history lesson and it also focused on the people inside Labour; a getting to know you type thing. National's was dull in comparison, people picked up on the obviously scripted questions from the audience. Fake and dull. The Greens kept repeating the word rich, one could have confused them with Act, OK not really. Personally I liked them better when they focused on tree hugging. That being said I do completely agree that we need a green economy and need to invest heavily in green technology at a time when the climate is being rapidly destroyed.
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Rena, Bomber, Tupperwaka

So according to Labour, National implemented a funding freeze at Maritime New Zealand. Hmmmm this probably wasn't the best decision considering we are facing one of the biggest environmental crisis New Zealand has ever seen. A crisis that would have probably be avoided if teams were sent to the ship within 24-48 hours after the problems occurred, instead they choose to wait. You can't blame the weather, it was fine for five days, an operation dispatched within 48 hours would have been completed by then. This is very much National's fault. If the government was halfway competent we wouldn't be in this mess!

One of the left wing commentators I follow has been banned from Radio New Zealand apparently for criticizing RadioLive and the Prime Minister. Apparently it violates their standards for being "Fair and balanced" Really? Do they mean like the right wing corporate media that loves John Key. Does the media only complain about being fair and balanced when it's a left wing commentator and not when they are bashing Labour and giving government policies a mere 30 seconds on the news with no critical analysis? I never listened to Bomber on RNZ but do know he's a strongly opinionated guy and if he was anything like how he is on his TV show; RNZ must of well known what he was like. The panel also has Sue Bradford and Matthew Horton as regular guests; are they fair and balanced? NO! Furthermore RNZ also states that possible lawsuits is a reason Bomber was banned, OK so where are they? Answer: nowhere! I highly doubt that any of the parties involved would care enough to launch a lawsuit and any lawsuit would be extremely difficult under New Zealand law. This excuse is absolute nonsense. Satire hardly ever results in lawsuits. It's their loss, Bomber provides a comical outlook on news stories. It is much more entertaining than the mainstream media, and a whole lot more informative, which granted is not hard! In this country you can be more informative than the news simply by reporting the news.

The 2 million dollar Tupperwaka is now open to the public. Be quick as it's only open for 11 days! Just don't ask questions about how much it costs. A TVNZ reporter did this and was banned from the opening.
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Cannibas/Act, John Key, Afghanistan

Don Brash thinks cannibas should be decriminalized. I never thought I would agree with Don Brash, on anything! John Key said on TVNZ's Breakfast that it shouldn't be made legal because parents wouldn't want their 18 year olds doing it before school. This is an unbelievably ridiculous argument because 18 year olds are LEGAL ADULTS! Parental consent is entirely irrelevant! Banksie is against it, and Act are practically relying on John Banks to get in with him running in Epsom. Another Act member (Don Nicolson) and a donor has attacked John Banks' comments on the subject. Oh the problems with Act are hilarious! Here's to a long painful death of the party!

The National Party are such good economic managers our credit rating has been downgraded. A few days earlier he was saying that the economy would be fine and is sticking to the Treasury predictions despite the fact they have been wrong many times before by a big amount. Every indicator suggests the global economy is collapsing and it will be down for a long time. John Key really has little reason to be optimistic about the economy but of course this would be bad for his election campaign. The downgrade means that mortgage rates will probably rise, this will be unpleasant news for already struggling families that are already experiencing other price rises.

On John Key's hour long radio show; a second ratings downgrade was announced, opps. Of course he couldn't discuss politics on this show due to an Electoral Commission rule. That's convenient; publicity without fronting up to the issues, exactly his kind of publicity!

Oh but John Key did make an important announcement last week, his pledge to fight the Coronation Street schedule change! So while the economy is tanking, he's focusing on a TV show. Congratulations John Key, you've reached new levels of ridiculousness.

He also made a joke about wanting a coal mine from Australia because they make money. Some people have slammed him at a time when the Pike River enquiry is underway. The Herold of course came to his defense, that paper is sooooo bias it's not even fit for toilet paper. One of the main political writers owns a polling company that does work for the National Party. He uses his media influence to spread propaganda for the National Party, that's not a fair and balanced media.

A second soldier has died in Afghanistan. I am blaming the government because frankly we shouldn't be in this war. This is America's war, not our's. We have no business being in Afghanistan. To put it bluntly our government is allowing our soldiers to die in a war we shouldn't be in, and that is unacceptable.
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Trials, Drugs, Farmers, Global Warming

Turns out the police have been illegally spying on suspected criminals and the response by this government is not to reign in the police that were actually doing the illegal spying but to make the illegal spying legal if a search warrant had been issued. So basically they are trying to modify the legal process to accommodate poor police practices. I'm sorry, how is this a good solution? If police are doing illegal spying, they should be punished not given a helping hand to make their invalid investigation techniques valid for existing cases. If the police screw up it's their own fault. This is the equivalent of the government interfering in criminal trials. Labour will not support the bill, most other parties won't either. However I'm not sure about Act. John Boscawen is resigning, apparently for family reasons, I understand that he is a strong believer of personal rights. This could be just a coincidence. I hope that Act stick with their libertarian principles and refuse to support such a hideous bill.

A new poll suggests 2/3 people support work place drug testing. Question New Zealand: When did you stop believing in the right to privacy? Is it because this government has zero respect for people's rights so you're just going along with it? Seriously, I am asking! I am not suggesting that people should turn up to work high but what people do in the privacy of their own home is their own business as long as they remain competent. It is not the business of their employers or the government for that matter. What's people's obsession with the idea that drugs are bad. People who believe that to the extent of interfering in people's life's probably should do more drugs! Alternatively they should simply mind their own business. Paula Bennet is considering implementing drug testing for Welfare recipients and cutting their benefits accordingly. So as well as managing some people's budgets beneficiaries will be forced to take drug tests. How's Halen Clark's nanny state looking now, didn't the people of New Zealand throw her out because of government's interference in people's lives. So it's OK to interfere in beneficiaries lives only? Oh but New Zealand also supports work place testing. Rrriiiggghhhttt.

Fonterra has announced a record payout to farmer's yet we can't get a reduction in diary prices and are forced to subsidize their pollution with our tax dollars. Thanks farmers, for nothing! Also thanks National for nothing! Any decent government run FOR THE PEOPLE would not force the tax payer to subsidize farmer's pollution, probably eventually costing hundreds of millions of dollars per year and a decent government would regulate the farming industry to stop them using dirty methods.

Christchurch's seaside areas should beware of rising waters due to global warming. The comment section of the article I read is full of deniers. Apparently they believe that global warming is just a plot by scientists to secure more funding. Of course it isn't and these people are stupid. Climate change is a real danger and people need to stop being stupid, voting in stupid parties that do almost nothing to solve the problem. Failure to do so would have major consequences for our planet and us.
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Food Bill, RWC, Labour, National, WE'RE SCREWED

Let me introduce you to the Food Bill, or as I like to call it THE WAR ON SEEDS. Well OK it's not quite as crazy as that but it's pretty crazy. Under the bill the sale of food you grow would be illegal unless you are licensed to do so from the government. This is clearly insane. If I choose to grow food and trade it with a neighbour, it is my business, no government should get involved in such a small harmless act. IT'S PEOPLE TRADING FOOD. They really want to make unlicensed trading of food illegal? How is this not BIGGGG government? This is an attack on people's freedom and privacy. Oh and the police or the private sector can raid your house without a warrant, for food trading! They can bring guns too! I am not making this up. It would be hysterical if I was... This will possibly drive food prices up due to red tape, damage the market share of smaller players and undermine community's abilities to be self efficient. I will leave you with a video of cops raiding oganic foods.

Congratulations National; your train system is so poor nobody wants to use it! Not surprising as 2,000 missed the opening ceremony as transport was so poor. As for Party Central, how come nobody in this government saw the possibility of hundreds of thousands of people coming to Party Central when 250,000 turn up to Christmas In The Park? The government was warned that Auckland public transport wouldn't be able to cope with the influx of RWC visitors 18 months ago. Pretending that nobody could have guessed that they would be problems just shows incompetence.

Good things that Labour has announced: If they get elected they will repeal the national standards. Bad things that Labour has announced: They will "go along; with National's plan to lessen the Emission Trading Scheme. FFS Labour it's not your job to "go along; with National's plans. You're the opposition, so OPPOSE.! Labour is also supporting National in abolishing jury trials for sentences of up to two years. National originally wanted a three year threshold.

National also wanted to abolish the right to silence in some circumstances but couldn't get support from other parties. Good thing we have MMP.

Finally let me just say WE'RE SCREWED this election; who do we vote for? National and Act are for the rich and if you're voting for them I'm sorry but you're an idiot or a complete sadist. Labour is better but its support some of National's (copyright bill. eliminating juries, emissions) policies is unacceptable. With The Greens you could get The BlueGreens which will probably just result in The Greens just agreeing with National like the Maori Party does. New Zealand First leader is a clown. Half the country incorrectly assumes Mana and Hone are racists and Goff ruled out working with them so if he does work with them that would undermine his leadership and Labour will probably get voted out in 2014. WE'RE SCREWED!
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Payment cards suck

Fear not people on the Independent Youth Benefit, National has the answers! No not a job so you can actually contribute to society. It's a payment card!!! YAY!!! Apparently National doesn't trust you to actually budget your own money so has decided to pay utilities and rent for you and give you a payment card so you can purchase food AND NOT CIGARETTES AND BOOZE!!! What do you say? You already can't buy cigarettes and booze anyway by law? Oh National doesn't care about that, it has got to reve up support amongst rednecks! As a bonus for National, you can't vote yet!

Some people on this benefit could have lost their parents or been abused by them. Yes let's make life worst for them by forcing them to show a payment card at the supermarket so everybody can know that they are on a benefit.

How does making the young feel like the poorest members of society build their confidence? Their self-esteem? Heck, even the basic life skill of budgeting?

It's HILARIOUS that National campaigned on the "nanny state" line whining about not being able to use power wasting lightbulbs and and water wasting shower heads but is doing this.

Which is more nanny state? Not being able to use power wasting lightbulbs and water wasting shower heads, or controlling the budgets of thousands of people? Their hypocrisy is outstanding!

This isn't nanny state, this is abusive controlling father state!

It is simply not acceptable of a state to have control of the spending abilities of people! This is Big Brother in it's worst possible form.

Instead of trying to control less fortunate, how about National works to get them jobs by stimulating the local economy? Labour has plans to do it, why won't National? National has had two years to do it and its only answer is trickle down economics which DOESN'T WORK! Tax cuts for the rich won't stimulate the economy, our economy would have picked up dramatically last year if it did work. So far National's only hope appears to be an one time sports event and rebuilding from a natural disaster. This isn't much of an economic plan. They could go on building roads but the jobs it create is not much of a dent in unemployment. National is basically sitting on their hands and hoping things will get better.

Finally one would have to be some kind of moronic right wing blogger to think that the majority of kids won't bypass this. This can be done via food trading for cash, via a landlord charging an inflated price for rent and giving back the tenant cash, or perhaps a tenant is paying the other tenants in cash while the others make up the rent. Assuming these would be in the minority is incredibly naive.
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Hone Harawira, TVNZ, John Key

Hone Harawira; the leader of the newly formed Mana Party got kicked out of parliament because he didn't say the correct oath. Two points here. First other politicians were allowed to say alternative oaths as long as they finished with the correct one, hone wasn't allowed to finish. What Hone did wasn't out of the ordinary at all. It is unreasonable for him to have to wait weeks to get into parliament again. This denies an electric representation. There was absolutely no reason why this couldn't be resolved the same day. I will probably not be voting Mana in election but do recognize that the party has merrits and wish them success in the upcoming election. Secondly why on earth do we force politicians to bear allegiance to the Queen? Shouldn't any oath be directed to us, not some woman living in a completely different country? The queen did not elect the politicians; we the people of New Zealand did! It's time to modify stupid oath rules.

This government has scrapped the local content broadcasting obligations at TVNZ. This serves two purposes. 1. it is part of the upcoming free trade deal with America. Just another example of how America is dictating things in New Zealand right now with the assistance of The National Party. 2. It makes TVNZ much easier to sell. They are already closing the most unprofitable channel on TVNZ. Say bye bye to New Zealand ownership of TVNZ if National get in again. They can deny all they want. I certainly take everything they say with a grain of salt.

So according to John Key; accepting a boat load of refugees would lead to millions of them coming. Wow that is a really stupid statement. Clearly he's doing some fearmongering. The reality of the situation is we HAVE to accept refugees that have a reasonable fear of prosecution, if we don't we would be violating both New Zealand and international laws.

John Key on Capital Gains; "It's crazy", "We already have it", "It will send us screaming backwards", "Dagger through the heart of growth" blah blah blah. The Australian economy actually grew faster most years after a CGT was introduced. If a CGT is so bad please explain why we are only one of three countries in the developed world that doesn't have such a tax? Key is being hysterical.
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Various topics 10/07/2011

Alisdair Thompson; the man who made ridiculous sexist claims that have no merrit got fired, but that is not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about our Prime Minister. He is claiming that he doesn't have any data on gender pay equality. Firstly data is available, he simply has to look. Secondly National dissolved the Pay Equality Unit so that shows what National thinks of pay equality.

Hey, hope you all are enjoying the KiwiSaver changes that came into effect July 1st. Of course National did promise NOT to change the scheme in their first term, it looks like that worked out as well as their promise not to raise GST; not well at all!

An anti-MMP group are complaining that they're being attacked personally instead of the issues themselves. I think that this is an entirely fair point. It is VERY RARELY that I agree with the anti-MMP crowd because they're really just trying to con people into giving up fair representation but yes let's stick to the issues. On the other hand; sometimes you just get bored of the issues, because already know you're right and the other side are full of idiots so why not have a little fun insulting them. Also I remember a quote from "No Right Turn": ...Just look at who opposes it

Alex Fogerty; a White Supremacy member was a founding member of an anti-MMP group until he got kicked out. Apparently racists attract bad press, who knew? Y'all remember the White Supremacy, don't you? The guys behind the "Stop The Asian Invasion" Campaign. What a ridiculous bunch of whackos. The shouldn't be scared of Chinese people buying land, they should be scared of National selling off assets which in turn will raise prices and strip our country of revenue. Also they should be scared of the upcoming free trade deal with the United States of America; among other things it means more expensive medications through the abolishment of and allows foreign corporations to effectively sue the government for millions just like what the tobacco industry is doing in Australia. The real threat is much closer to home.

On to another whacko; Don Brash, apparently he's telling people global warming is a hoax. Anybody who has looked at the evidence knows that it is not. Since he is Act's new leader it comes as no surprise that he is pushing the "Maori get everything" card which is does is designed to stir up biggots, yawn.

Labour has announced a Capital Gains Tax proposal and John Key has called it crazy. Well John are all the other countries that already have it "crazy" too? Countries like Australia and Canada? Personally I like the idea but am eager to see some figures. Capital gains also discourages property speculation.

Look who's back; Paul Henry! He's now on Radio Live, along with Michael Laws; Radio Live is just a grand old time for offensive ignorant rednecks that do not have multiple brain cells. Paul Henry of course called Susan Boyle retarded and made fun of someone's name. I was watching 60 minutes the other week and someone referred to Paul Henry as "highly intelligent" How low are your standards if you think Paul Henry is "highly intelligent"? Henry is an immature clown who clearly does not put any thought into his jokes. Michael Laws of course referred to disabled athletes as ludicrous. Why can't we get blunt people in the media who are not complete morons?

Speaking of the media I'm not sure that what facial cream Kate used at her wedding is a relevant news story. This was on the 6 o'clock news. Why do the media insist on reporting this garbage? I couldn't be less interested in the royal couple in fact. Please try reporting on something relevant for once.
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Quotes, Legal, MediaWorks, Copyright, Dictatorship, Gays

Our Finance Minister: Bill English thinks that low wages are an advantage and should attract investment. I would expect this attitude from a leader of a country where worker's get paid a few dollars a day. Why do we have a Finance Minister that promotes us as "cheaper"? This is an insult to hard working New Zealanders! We should have a government that actively works to increase our wages, instead we have got one that promotes us as a cheaper option. If all we are getting is a tiny $0.25 per hour raise in the minimum wage and the tinyest of tax cuts for the bulk of New Zealanders, than that's a pretty pathetic attempt at raising our standard of living. It is true that other wages rose, but the cost of living has as well by a roughly equal amount.

Speaking of quotes John Key said families that need food parcels do so out of their own poor choices. This is coming from a millionaire, what on earth would he know about poor people? Actually the current benefit was designed to starve people a bit as an incentive to get off welfare. Not the best approach in these times when the economy is in the toilet (due to National's mismanagement) where there are very little available jobs. While the poor choice argument may be true for some people on benefits, it is extremely ignorant to paint all beneficiaries who need food parcels with the same brush.

So Simon Power has cut legal aid because of ballooning costs. Do ballooning costs have anything to do with the new revenue grabbing attitude by police and the lock 'em up culture of National and ACT? Just a thought. Police arrested a man for singing a song the other day because they didn't like the lyrics. This is absolutely appalling behavior and an abuse of power! In a democratic society we should be able to say or sing what we want!

Hey, remember that deal with MediaWorks I mentioned two weeks ago? Turns out MediaWorks didn't need the deal but lobbied the prime minister anyway after the Ministry of Economic Development said that the deal was a bad idea. Well at least it did not come with a labour law change like the last time a media company walked all over us with the aid of this government.

Oh Labour, YOU MAKE ME WANT TO VOTE FOR THE GREEN PARTY! At least they opposed the awful copyright bill which was rammed through under urgency in time that was supposed to be for the Canterbury earthquake legislation. Am I the only one sick to my stomach that National have used the Canterbury earthquake to ram through copyright legislation? Legislation that is only designed to protect the big corporate media companies. Small time artists are not happy either, file sharing can actually help them get new viewers/listeners which actually lead to more product/live show as studies have shown time and time again.

Labour also plans to support a bill that gives completely unreasonable powers to Gerrie Brownly and CERA including the power to compulsory acquire land and dissolve any government body that disagrees with them. Welcome to the dictatorship of Christchurch.

Why are people on the left wimps? Goff's response to Damien O'Connor's comment on gays was to class it as West Coast language. Oh grow some balls Phil! You really shouldn't be excusing such behavior.
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John Key is a clown and Labour aren't much better

I have just read that National are shutting down TVNZ 7. I am not surprised, the channel was originally designed to be an informative channel, so obviously it has to go! An informed public would NEVER vote for National! Is this also National preparing TVNZ to be sold?

By the way I have given up trying to do a serious political blog. Politics is a joke and I will treat it as such.

At the head of the joke is John Key who took time out from his duties (unsure if him not doing his duties is a bad thing or good thing) to make a YouTube video with an Australian comedian. In this video he jokes about the government's decision to buy 34 luxury BMWs. This is absolutely disgusting! I personally do not find a complete waste of tax payers money funny at all, and the fact that he is laughing about the issue is extremely tasteless. I don't care if he knew about the purchase or not, this is certainly no laughing matter. It is outrageous that any government would buy luxury vehicles in a time of extreme economic difficulty and when it is regularly cutting back public services. Why do the people of New Zealand get less without while the government get brand new luxury vehicles? This is yet another publicity stunt by John Key, I am getting bored of him being a clown to make National seem likeable.

What a shame that he chooses to clown around instead of dealing with the issues like the economy and more recently bullying in schools. This government's response to bullying is to write a letter to school boards. I am surprised that they chose to spend money on paper and ink. Bullying is a complex issue, you are not going to solve it by writing letters. This response is weak and pathetic!

Finally let's talk about another set of clowns: The Labour Party. Hey Labour, I would MUCH appreciate it if you stop shooting yourselves in the foot as I actually want you in power after the next election. Firstly you shot yourselves in the foot by having a leader that nobody seems to like. Unfortunately a lot of politics appears to be appearance rather than actual policies. Look at The National Party; policies are horrible and have constantly hurt average New Zealanders but people like John Key. (I of course see right through his appearance) I am not sure why you did not get rid of Goff early last year, his likeability should have been apparent. Personally I like Goff however in some of his interviews he seems rather awkward which does not reflect well on Labour. Also you need to make lots of noise about the upcoming new powers to the police and the SIS, the proposed changes to welfare, privatization, vandalizing of public broadcasting, million dollar deals with corporations, the TPPA deal which will place all sorts of restrictions on the New Zealand government. That was not the end of the list. You should be in our faces daily highlighting the appalling job that National is doing. SCREAM LOUDER!!! I think that I have seen The Greens comment more on policy than Labour. Labour, you're the main opposition, do your job!

Oh and I am just bored of these scandals from Labour; sort you MPs out Phil! Good thing that Chris Carter is out of the party. As for Darren Hughes, I would of politely asked him to step down as soon as I heard the police were investigating him. In these cases it is best to take the strategic approach. Then again doesn't this go against "innocent until proven guilty"? Also if a police investigation is all it takes to knock a MP off, this is not exactly a good system. I am pretty sure that I would of gone with strategy. Yeah I would not make a great well principled politician, so your average politician! I would do a much better job than Goff though. It's time to constantly rant on how appalling National are!

As much as I dislike Labour right now, you could ice skate in hell with flying pigs before I would vote for or recommend voting for any parties in the current government. I still urge people to vote Labour, the alternative will hurt us drastically.

Final message to Labour: STOP BEING STUPID!

Final message to National: Cancel that, I can't post that kind of pofaninity here!
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Earthquake comments

I was going to post before I went to Sydney for a week but then the Canterbury quake/after shock happened and I needed to do minimal work for a few days as I was in shock. I live in Christchurch, my house is fine, my friends and family are still with me, so I got off lightly.

This post does contain criticisms of the government so if you think that it is in bad taste, don't read this entry.

The government mostly did its job in the week after so that's good. I have some issues with the decisions being made after.

Why is Gerrie Brownley being allowed to demolish buildings without giving owner's a chance to get their possessions? I do fully understand the safety issue but as I understand that some owners aren't even being notified. If it truly about safety, I completely understand. However the stories of not even alerting owners are deeply troubling and don't the owners deserve more effort in getting their possessions? Gerrie seems to be demolishing buildings at an alarming rate. There is also massive fear of looting.

Why is the government spending 4.3 million fixing an uninsured stadium? By the way this stadium has an insurance company in its name, not that's it's relevant but that is really ironic! Why are the tax payers of New Zealand being made to bail out a for profit entity that chose not to get insurance? It's a business, it makes a profit, it is not our responsibility to bail these people out. This is appalling.

Why did the government setup a trust for earthquake donations which doesn't have to comply with the Official Information Act doesn't this completely defeat the purpose of having such an act? Also why is one of the objectives 'to advance religion"" I am definitely not a religion hater but I really believe that government and religion should be completely separated.

Why do we have a national state of emergency? There is no need for the emergency to extend to Auckland or Dunedin. It actually gives few additional powers, this should be a local state of emergency. It's a great appearance for National but not much practical use.

Why is the government using our disaster to dramatically cut services? They planned to cut services well before the earthquake. Further cuts will just make things harder for everyone else. This country cannot afford that! Yes the earthquake will slow the economy, but our economy was extremely poor before February 22 due to National's complete mismanagement of it. It looks like they will continue with even worse tactics.

Regarding the memorial service; half the city seemed to think it was too soon for a memorial. I don't really have an opinion, but I think that they have a point since we were still in a state of emergency, however I also recognize that some of the people took comfort in coming together for this event.

Also before I hear cries of "You are using the earthquake in an inappropriate manner":

National is doing the same, see above!
The Maori Party announced his dumping of Hone on the same day!
ACT is using this to forward their mining agenda. Luckily these quacks will have much less influence in the next election.
Heard of the welfare changes they got in store? I am guessing no! I find Paula Bennet's approach to baby care to be particularly disturbing.
I am guessing you haven't heard of the millions of dollars the New Zealand government effectively loaned MediaWorks. The media is understandably pre occupied with the quake, this leaves these kind of things go unquestioned.

Also pointing out flaws and questioning authority is hardly doing anything drastic. If more people did this I whole-heartedly think that the world would be a better place. I also feel like I am at least doing something constructive by making people aware of the issues.

A lighter final note: Apparently ACT is the type of party that likes to laugh at 'shoot the natives" comments. I don't think that racism is going to help them get elected.
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Mainly about John Key at the 2011 Big Gay Out

John Key went to the Big Gay Out, suddenly most of my regret about not going melted away. Nice publicity John, pity you voted against Civil Union legislation in 2005 along with 24/27 National MPs. Since when does National have a "strong record on gay rights" as he has stated? This shows a different story. Oh that's right he said "strong record on gay rights while in power". So what has National done to enhance gay rights? Seriously I am asking! I can't think of a single thing he National has done to warrant his claim. Doing hardly anything is hardly giving "strong support". The removal of the provocation defense is a positive thing but that wasn't even for gay rights. Oh that's right John danced with some drag queens at the Big Gay Out 2009, is that REALLY what he calls "strong support", that and some other publicity appearances? I call it keeping up appearances. Radio Ponsonby's Steven Oates didn't get a reason why John Key didn't support the bill and John Key also wouldn't say if he would support the bill if it was in parliament tomorrow. Why didn't he just say that he would have supported the bill even if that was a lie? His actions are not in line with the nice smile and wave image.

John Key said his catwalk routine on 3/2/2011 was "a bit stupid", at least we agree on some things.

At least he's not Gordon Copeland, a man who thinks that we should have separate tax laws for marriages and civil unions because "it takes a man and a woman to raise children.". Two words: single parents. So this claim is already rubbish without even looking at the homosexuality aspect. Gays and lesbians can raise kids, lots do! One of the aspects of civil unions is having the same benefits as marriage but without the religious stigma, this will completely defeat one of the aspects of civil unions. Also many straight couples get civil unions too, not just gay couples. A separate tax law for civil union and marriages is just insanity!

Hone Harawira got suspended from The Maori Party's caucus for highly disapproving of the parties relationship with National. Personally I always thought that the relationship between the two parties wasn't going to work in the interest of Maori. Oh look: the changes to The Foreshore and Seabed Act are apparently in favour of corporations, not Maori. I truly had no idea about this! I think that it is unreasonable to think that Maori would ban anyone from the beach so perhaps Labour needlessly created this whole drama, I don't know, I am truly ignorant when it comes to land claims etc.

The government rose the minimum wage by 25 cents. This is a good thing but it is funny how they only did this in an election year. You can also bet the corporations that utilize the minimum wage will raise their prices so this will add to prices at fast food outlets and supermarkets etc. I am not saying raising the minimum wage is a bad thing. I am wondering if this is enough to cover increasing cost of living. Ironically the 2025 task force suggested LOWERING the minimum wage to catch up with Australia. I am not sure how that would ever work. You're not going to close the income gap by lowering the minimum wage, which is just absolute nonsense and is completely counterproductive.
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Thanks mainstream media for being pointless

Let me first start of by congratulating the mainstream media for being so utterly pointless. I have learned such vital information such as the fact that Phil Goff dyed his hair and which celebrities John Key has a crush on. What critical and riveting information! I suppose that it makes a change from reporting on other irrelevant trash like international celebrities and royal weddings.

I saw on 3 News that The Greens held their state of the planet and the focus was on clean energy. I am not a fan of The Greens but I do believe that sustainable energy is important, perhaps more on a global scale but at least we agree on something.

People have to pay more for Early Childhood Education due to recent cuts by the government. While I don't have kids I believe that education is a critical part of society. Early education is extremely important. If some parents have to pull their kids out due to not being able to pay fees, that is not good for the kid now or in the future as an adult.

John Key has announced November 26th as the election date. This is a good thing as hopefully it will give people more time to realize that National shouldn't be in power. John Key also claimed that he wouldn't form a coalition with New Zealand First. If they need the numbers you can surely bet it will be a completely different story.

Unemployment continues to rise; Statistics New Zealand just released figures that set it as 6.8%.

I am continuing to be puzzled on why we need to partly sell state assets. If John Key is so concerned about our debt then John Key shouldn't have put us in so much debt by giving away unaffordable tax cuts to the rich costing 1-3 billion dollars a year. Of course the rich claim that's a lie, but if you are benefiting greatly while the poor have little or no benefit, you would probably say it was a lie too. Even if we kept government debt at current levels this is not really a massive problem. Other countries that are in crisis mode have government debt that is multiple times as high, and government debt would be lower if National hadn't given so much to the rich. Yes I realize the irony of me complaining about government debt a few posts back now and saying it's not a big problem; it is not a big problem but I would still like to see government debt reduction through other means. Selling assets is not the solution; it doesn't even address the main problem.
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Taxes, fines and tourism


Labour has announced plans to make $5,000 of your income tax free. First let's look at the policy itself. If the average income is $40,000, this equals to a 12.5% tax cut for the majority of people. This will cost 1.3-1.6 billion dollars coming at least partly from closing tax loopholes and a new tax tier. There is objection to this but John Key did a similar thing by balancing out his tax cuts with a rise in GST and still needs to borrow hundreds of millions per month. While Key's tax cuts mainly benefited the rich with very little benefit to the poor, this will be more help to those that need it. The second aspect is John Key's apparent objection to borrowing for the tax cuts. Is this his attempt at humour? This attitude by him is completely hypocritical and I fail to see any reason to take his comments seriously considering his government is borrowing 200-3000 million per week which partly funds tax cuts for the rich! Even if there is some borrowing for tax cuts (which I don't approve of), National continues to do it on a much larger scale! Clearly it's OK to borrow if the main benefactor is the rich but not if the main benefactor is the poor. How nice!

Meanwhile Join Key wants to partly sell state assets to so that this government doesn't have to borrow as much. This sounds good in theory, but the government ultimately earns income from these assets. This income will decrease if parts of the assets are sold off. This will hurt future governments and will lead to higher taxes or public service cuts in 10-20 years time. If we kept Telecom we the government would probably have more to spend right now. It is completely unacceptable to parts of sell off assets so that the rich can continue to get unnecessary tax cuts! In fact the money generated will not last a decade, it will last a year, and then we will be in the exact same position. What then? Sell them off completely to overseas corporate interests so future governments will have even less money? Also on his agenda is cutting the public service, do you know what happens when we do that? Government departments screw up due to being under staffed.

Personally I think they're both wrong; the focus should be on job creation, you are not going to get people off welfare if there are no jobs for them to go to! People who scream BLUDGERS are completely ignorant of the fact most people actually want jobs, companies just aren't generally hiring. National's tax cuts really didn't make a big impact. Unemployment is falling but is still much higher under this government. Actually unemployment appears to be rising again. Whoops! At least Goff's tax plan will hopefully raise demand for products and services by mainstream New Zealand which probably will create some jobs and get more people off welfare. Although perhaps Goff should start smaller.

The government is looking at introducing jailing people for not paying their fines. I question why they even need such a power. Considering they can already seize assets and deduct wages; this doesn't make any sense! This is great if you're a private prison, not so good if you're down on your luck with no means to pay which maybe won't happen but I really don't want to find out either.

Our tourism slogan has changed from 100% Pure New Zealand to 100% New. This again doesn't make sense; we are known for being clean and green (at least historically), why would you want to emphasized this less?
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Changing ACC is a bad idea

The government is making plans to open up the ACC system to private insurers. ACC is a very effective system and shouldn't be change, especially since this move will mainly benefit the insurance giants and probably will not benefit the people that ACC is designed to assist.

ACC has received a ton of negative publicity recently saying that it is inefficient and making a massive loss. At the moment the corporation is heading for a two billion dollar surplus, how can that be considered inefficient? It does appear that there never was a financial crisis at ACC, at least not one that wasn't easily recoverable. It does seem that the media completely over dramatized the situation just like they did with crisis with The Hobbit which turned out to not be a crisis at all.

It is one of the most effective systems if you are comparing it to similar schemes in Australia and across the globe. According to Scoop, PWC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Sydney) reviewed the system and found that 88% of NZ workers have their jobs back within six months. This percentage is higher than similar Australian schemes that are government operated. In addition the dispute rate is lower. ACC is doing its job extremely well.

People claim it is good to introduce competition which is extremely puzzling considering ACC doesn't have to make a decent profit. Once you introduce profits prices go up or quality of services go down. Anybody who tells you otherwise really doesn't understand anything about economics.

If the quality of services go down which is a strong possibility when you get companies with the goal of profit maximization to run things, this could mean more denied claims, delayed payments and cutting costs on rehabilitation services. Private insurers are notorious for denying claims; I even saw a news story yesterday on the subject. This also means the client (you) has to pay more, perhaps not to the insurance company directly but surely for services that the insurance company will not fund. The money saved by any cost cutting measures will just be pushed on to accident victims.

We have tried this before two decades ago and it didn't work, why try it again? We will not get a different result.
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MoH and family members providing care

The Ministry of Health has a problem of paying family members for supporting their relatives with disabilities. You have to ask why, apart from the fact it cuts costs! The Ministry of Health claims it is "natural support" for families caring for its disabled members. However caring for a disabled family member often goes far beyond what could be reasonably be considered "natural support", it can be a full time and difficult job. Leesa Ross wrote a comparison.

What is really the difference between paying a family member and paying someone who is not? The answer is of course none. It is the same job whoever it is done by so the pay should be equal. This really only discriminates against families that don't want or trust outside carers.

Shouldn't people with disabilities decide who they want to care for them? After all it is their life. Depending on the severity of the disability the carer may be involved with all aspects of their lives which include showering and taking them to the toilet, assuming they are continent. If they are only comfortable with a particular family member doing these things why deny them this comfort? This has been going on for years, not at ACC though. ACC have no problems with family support.

Outside carers may be hard to get, especially the good ones. Carers may also move on faster, if you have a disability, this means having to start the process of finding someone and making sure they know your needs all over again. There is also an extra level of care and trust with family, depending on the circumstances.

Of course family care isn't for everyone. Some may want a less emotionally involved carer.

It should be completely up to the one with the disability to decide what is best for them. Relatives should be paid for being carers! Even the High Court said so in a recent ruling. The Ministry of Health shouldn't fight the decision.
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Right wing economics

Today I want to look at the right wing from an economical prospective.

This government is borrowing 200 million dollars per week. I know that we just came out of the recession but historically right wing governments have generally raised the deficit by more than its left wing counterparts.

You could draw the conclusion that the right wing simply isn't good with figures though that is not accurate. The problem is they give out unaffordable tax cuts, especially to the rich. While I encourage low taxation, governments should aim for minimal debt. It is fair to say that Labour lowered debt drastically while in power, they also managed to increase government assets. New Zealand voted in National to deal with the recession, but it seems to me that Labour excels at economics.

Trusting the right wing on economics is like trusting a management company to run your business, but instead of making a profit they make a massive loss, while reducing perks to most employees and giving unreasonable perks to the few executives. Would you trust this management company with your business? It's time to give the managerial contract to another company.

Government debt is projected to be 40 billion by 2014. How do we reduce it? State assets will probably be sold, especially if this government continues for another term. I am aware that National claims that privatization is not on the agenda for next term but John Key said that National wouldn't rise GST, yet last year's tax reform included a GST increase. They are also opening ACC up to private insurers which has a similar effect to selling without the lump sum payment!

The government also miscalcated revenue by two billion dollars, now the poor have to pay with cuts to the welfare system.
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It's nearly election year! My thoughts:

Hello and welcome to which has launched just before the start of the election year. I am a firm Labour supporter and favour the policies of the centre-left.

In this post I will be focusing on which parties to not vote for.

The Maori Party: For the sole reason of the party conveniently picks what side of the political spectrum it's on. The problem with this is that the right wing does not represent Maori well and even with The Maori Party involved in this government; the difference is minimal. It is best not to choose parties who can go left or right. Maori are better off voting Labour if they want their needs met.

The Greens: They have a history of pushing policies that are too restrictive and turn people off left wing governments. I support most left wing policies however it is essential to maintain some balance to prevent people from going to the right which is usually disastrous.

National and ACT: Nobody but rich businessmen should have voted for them in the first place. It was a major mistake letting them in and unfortunately another term seems likely. Right wing governments are not for the people, they are for corporations. You should not vote for them under any circumstances unless you are very wealthy and you favour wealth over people.

Below is an incomplete list of things that they have done or are planning to do which are not in the best interest of the people.

90 day right to sack: This allows any employer to sack any employee for absolutely no reason; this is a big benefit to untrustworthy employers. This has no real benefit to the workers. The amount of new job opportunities it creates is slim, if noticeable at all. The employers had adequate protection before the law.
While we are on the topic of worker's rights let's look at the issue with The Hobbit. The Hobbit was not saved! You can't save something that is not in danger. The actor's union was not a creditable threat to the production of The Hobbit in New Zealand. The government sided with Warner Brothers giving them a 15 million dollar tax subsidy and rewrote our labour laws which only benefited the corporations.
Rose GST which was against John Key's statement of "National will not be raising GST".
Of course any big tax cuts which the government can only afford by putting our country further in debt went to the rich. This was meant to stimulate the economy however any effects have proven to be minimal and in some cases negative. This is not surprising at all.
The Ministry of Health refuses to pay parents with disabled offspring for care. This is just plain wrong considering looking after a person with a disability is a full time job in many cases, especially adults. If they are willing to pay non relations to look after people with physical and mental impairments then there is no logical reason why they shouldn't pay parents.
They want to open up accident compensation to private insurers. This is a bad idea considering that ACC is actually a very effective system in reality. It has an 80% return to work rate within six months. Do not be fooled by the great ACC beat up; the scheme does work and is effective. Changing it in favour of private sector involvement would not benefit anyone but the Australian insurance giants.
The changes in the criminal justice system are not good either. For starters they are denying jury trials to more people. The increased police powers are just scary; they include spying without warrants.
They are also building a private prison. Private prisons are not more effective and are more likely to have issues with mistreating prisoners.
Isn't it funny how the teachers and the radiographers have to strike to get their desired pay increases but MPs pay increases go through without a hitch and even are back paid? They don't even have to ask to get raises. I really disapprove of MPs getting pay increases (especially those in power) if they are not going to represent the people's interests!

While Labour is not perfect either, their policies are generally for the people and governments are meant to serve the people. Instead this government has served mainly the rich and that is unacceptable. People should elect governments that serve them but it just isn't the case half of the time.

This is only my opinion on how you should vote. You should make up your own mind of course. However it is my opinion that the right wing is the wrong wing.
Posted at 29/12/2010 02:26:30 UTC 2 comments

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