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Enough with Colin Craig already!

Yes I realize the irony of saying enough with Colin Craig while reporting on Colin Craig. Legal disclaimer my views are my own speculation, not fact. I don't know if this covers me legally, nor do I really care!

Stop reporting on Colin Craig. He probably does things for attention and by reporting on him constantly you are giving him attention. You may interpret Craig as crazy, perhaps rightly so. However there is a chance he's deliberately doing crazy things just to get noticed. Suing a satirical site was crazy, pandering to conspiracy theorists was crazy or smart marketing, suing the Greens, again crazy. These things may be designed to generate news stories and if that is his tactic it's working. This is speculation on my part, perhaps he's legitimately dumb, perhaps it's both. Fame can be addicting and he appears to do anything to get in the media.

Paul Henry is such a terrible reporter. Why does he has a show? His interpretation of Craig suing the Green Party was the Green Party needing oxygen while the opposite is clearly true. As a percentage the Green Party has about 13 times more support than the Conservatives. Which do you think needs oxygen? It's like watching Fox News. Maybe it's projection.

However Russel Norman is not off the hook. It's beyond moronic to waste time demanding an apology from Craig. You're just giving him more attention, which is probably what he wants. You look like a wet lefty. Turei has the same problem.

The opposition needs to completely ignore Craig; stop giving him attention. Craig is constantly talked about and I'm sick of it. The more you talk about him the more potential he has. While the things he says sound crazy to most people there's a certain portion of the population that agrees with his views, giving him attention enables to reach these people. Him coming out in support of conspiracy theorists was actually smart marketing.

Opps I mentioned "coming out" in relation to Craig. I'm not calling Craig gay. The most anti-gay politicians have a curious history of getting caught in gay sex scandals...

I really don't care if he sues me. People will be lining up to donate to my legal defense. I'll do a pledgeme campaign, it will be fun!
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Lizard people? Quality journalism is totally dead.

It's just embarrassing that several mainstream media publications think that the lack of evidence that John Key is not a lizard person is a news story. When you can't tell if you're reading 3 News or Alex Jones your only conclusion is the media has hit the bottom of the barrel.

This may seem like harmless fun but may I point out that about 4% of the population actually believes this according to an US poll. Doing stories like this only confirms their beliefs and will also be used by them to promote their beliefs. This is how conspiracy theorists work, they consider any old flimsy story as fact if it agrees with them without actually investigating the story. Publishing this nonsense is irresponsible.

What have you actually told us? That's there's no evidence of John Key not being a lizard person. Wow, such pressing information. What's your next story? The earth is round?

You all should be fired for providing such useless information!
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On oil drilling

I am not opposed to oil drilling. I am vigorously opposed to the way it's being done in New Zealand right now. I am also definitely not enthused about oil drilling even if it's done in my ideal way.

The problem with the current oil contracts is we give 80% to offshore oil companies. This is the wrong approach. Other countries give the companies only 20% and keep 80% for themselves. We should be doing that, or completely socialize the oil production. I would settle for keeping 70% to compensate for the long distance.

The money would do a lot of good. If it was me I'd spend 20% on technology and research to combat climate change, this could possibly save and earn us money if we export the technology. The rest of the money generated would be spent on (public) schools and hospitals. This economic model has minimal effect on the rich here as we can raise money without affecting their tax rate. They should be all for it, unless they have shares in multinational oil companies which are the only ones effected.

Even Sarah Palin increased subsidies to the government on oil. Not that we want to follow her lead on anything else, but I will give her credit on this.

However, I will never be enthused about oil drilling, especially in New Zealand. The fact is we like and trade off our clean and green image. Oil drilling is not clean and green. Neither is an oil spill. Such an event could be disastrous for our brand and effect other industries like fishing etc. Safe deep sea drilling is a bit like Clean Coal; it doesn't really exist. If we are going to do it then it's essential we take maximum safeguards and be prepared for a disaster ahead of time. This means buying all equipment necessary to combat a disaster in advanced. This is critical.

I don't like oil drilling but if we are going to do it we should get maximum gains and be absolutely prepared if the worst happened.

Also Greenies who think Russel Norman is going to stop drilling: You're dreaming. Sorry.
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Election year again, my thoughts again

Happy third and a bit anniversary to!

What has changed?

I started this as a serious political site. However a few posts in I found covering politics kind of depressing so now I have injected a humorous style to my blogs. Sometimes it will show, sometimes it won't.

What hasn't change.

The message of the site: Between Labour and National (except the eighties) National has done the most damage to the economy and society. Labour also has more capable people, many of them are willing to listen. In general Labour is the better party unless you're rich. In the last two governments Labour has raised wages at a faster rate than National while National has lowered taxes for the rich. It's clear where their priorities lie.

You may choose to vote further left such as Greens, Mana or (on a good day) New Zealand First. I highly doubt that this will change the overall direction of the government. However if the Greens poll significantly higher than the last time they were in power, things could change. I very highly doubt it, but it's possible.

I also refuse to buy into "Polls favour National and are evil" attitude this time. Complaining about polls does nothing to convince people of your ideas. However if you're voting based on who you think will win; you're a complete idiot and should stay home.
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On the retirement age

Superannuation costs will balloon in the next decade. Most people consider this a fair argument and are happy to raise the retirement age. I can accept the populous view.

However I really have to note our flawed economic circumstances. Firstly due to the global financial crisis there is more unemployment which results in more welfare and less taxed being collected. Add to that privatization and McCapitalism; corporations paying people such low wages the government has to pick up the bill. If we optimize the tax base and wages as well as stimulate the economy we wouldn't have such a problem. Even if I'm wrong we should reform the economy so it is much more progressive anyway.

Should we raise the retirement age? In my opinion, no, or as a last resort. We should consider all of the options before making such a drastic change. If we need to raise taxes to safeguard the retirement age I say we put the issue to a referendum. A raise in the retirement age or X amount of tax increase. This could possibly work in Labour's favour and against my own view as people are pretty phobic about tax increases and many people favour raising the retirement age. I also don't see National (in opposition) arguing for a raise in taxes. Of course in power they're very happy to raise taxes on the poor. I also suspect some in National would be estatic if Labour does this, however this is purely speculation.

I would also consider doing a mass buy back of previous state assets to generate some extra revenue over the long term.

I am not a member of New Zealand First, I know that this reads like one of their blogs LOL.

I ultimately believe in doing what New Zealand wants, and if most favour a raise in the retirement age, so be it.
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Regarding the asset sales referendum

I was completely against the asset sales referendum, and I completely stand by my comments. National ignored the anti smacking referendum, it will ignore this. If you think differently then I have aa very nice bridge in brookeland to sell you, it's gray! However now that it is here I have voted no and if being truly fiscally responsible when it comes to the government's books means anything to you I suggest you do the same. Flogging off perfectly good profit making SOEs for the sake of a temporary lift in government revenue is NOT good fiscal management. It is in fact the very opposite of good fiscal management. Though Bill English does appear to live in oppositeland, completely detached from any reality. It is amusing to me that he complains about borrowing the money from overseas banks, but a bank actually brought part of Meridan, so instead of a very small percentage going to a bank on the money we borrowed, we're now sending an endless stream of dividends to a bank. If foreign banks increase ownership in these assets as it has been the case with Telecom and Contact Energy, how is this better than borrowing? Sure, we may save ourselves temporary debt but in the long run we'll send more to foreign banks which means the government will generate less revenue. It will have to make up this revenue through increased taxes or public service cuts.
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Christchurch East and Labour

What has been happening. Labour won the Christchurch East by election by a massive amount. The winning figure was comparable to the Mt Albert by election, National actually got less in that election. Congrats Poto Williams! You and the team certainly crushed National! I always thought she would win easily as it would appear the National candidate was virtually invisible, I did not personally see any billboards when I was over in Christchurch East way. Despite lots of Labour supporters moving out, the Labour supporters left did come out to deliver an excellent result.

A few different policies have emerged since David Cunliffe became leader such as continuing contributions to the superfund; a new state owned insurance company. Cunliffe said that he'll bring a True Red Labour. I am now interpreting this as a strong emphasis on workers' rights rather than going back to a socialist settling. Cunliffe has reaffirmed support such as dumping the 90 day right to sack law. Fiscally he seems comparable to Shearer and Robertson. We have the same finance spokesperson, Shane Jones is on economic development. Historically if you ignore the eighties Labour has done better on the economy than National and does care about the average citizen more. I would rather have the better of the two options.

I know there's other parties on the left, to be frank parties further on the left seem to be glorified lapdogs. You could pin the Greens and the anti smacking legislation as the main exception recently, but this issue also didn't effect anything fiscal.
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UBI - Why I support it

When I first heard of a Universal Basic Income I wasn't particularly keen however I have changed my mind.

You may disagree but I don't think that viewing yourself as superior just because you work is a damaging attitude and very conveniently distracts people from the fact that they are getting screwed in many different ways. People regularly vote against their own financial interest because of their hatred of beneficiaries. This mindset needs to change.

Another problem is that technology is taking our jobs away and the trend will only continue. There may become a point when we cannot replace the jobs and there is debate on whether that point is now.

I view an UBI as a simple updating of capitalism to cope with the modern world. People who want more from life will contribute to society in a meaningful way (hopefully), those who don't, won't.
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Disability and politics

There is much progress to be made on issues surrounding disabilities. At a recent political meeting about disabilities I was the only one in a wheelchair. This is a concern. Also I popped by the rainbow meeting There was about triple the people there yet disabled people are double the population. We need to participate more.

We need to create meaningful change. For example there is a problem with the willingness of employers to hire disabled people, this needs to change through guidelines and support. In order to do this we must be effective in implementing policy. Currently we are not.

If we desire change in terms of accessibility, employment and acceptance then we must get organised and push for it. Its time that we stood up even if we can't do it physically.
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Len Brown's affair

Len Brown got caught out cheating on his wife. I'm going to say something controversial. (Like always) I find the whole concept of monogamy and marriage to be irrelevant and ridiculous, so I don't care about this. It's his personal life, I don't care.

Some people point out that cheating and lying to his wife are both immoral and only moral people should be in politics. Oh please! Most politicians are either corrupt or stupid anyway. By these terribly low standards, what Len has done does not make him an unfit politician at all. Yes he lied to the people of Auckland about his relationship, but his relationship is not their business. What he did, he did to his wife, not to the people of Auckland. I agree we should have high standards in politics, but the reality is we don't, and until we clean up other aspects of politics, again, I don't care about this.

Len Brown is in my opinion, a pretty useless leftie, but I'd rather have a useless leftie than an active rightie.
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